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Canon A2300 Camera: Transfering Photos

To move the photos to your account, plug the smaller end of the USB cable into the side of the camera.

Turn the camera on and then plug the larger end of the USB cable into the computer.

The computer will take a moment to recognize the device. If a pop-up asks if you want to use the Windows Import Pictures and Video program, click No or close the program.

Click on Computer and you should see Canon PowerShot A2300 listed under Portable Devices.


Double click on Canon PowerShot A2300 and you will see a Removable Storage drive.

Open the Removable Storage drive, then open the DCIM folder. There will be a folder (more if you've taken a lot of photos) that will be named with a number. Open that folder to access your photos. You can move them to your account the same way you would files on a flash drive.

Copy the photos to your computer the same way you would from a flash drive.

The actual number varies