Santa Paula High School is proud to offer five Career Pathways. Students explore career options in their 9th grade Choices: College & Careers class, and have the opportunity to select a Career Pathway to start in the fall of the grade 10 year. Career Pathways are designed to prepare students for high-wage jobs requiring highly-skilled workers in Ventura County and California.

The five Career Pathways are listed below. Click on the link for more information about each specific pathway.

Sequence of Classes

Each pathway includes a sequence of classes, each building on the prior, and culminating in the grade 12 Capstone class. The Capstone class includes an internship/job shadowing component.

Career Connections

Courses in each Pathway are designed to introduce and prepare students for careers in the Pathway industry. Courses include:

  • Field Trips
  • Guest Speakers
  • Career Fair
  • Mock Interviews, and/or Job Shadowing/Mentoring. The senior year Capstone course includes an Internship.

Some courses are taught by CEC teachers. CEC teachers are career experts, individuals who have worked in the career industry. While most courses are held during the school day and on the SPHS campus, some classes may be offered before or after school hours. Capstone courses notated as “CEC” may be held at the Ventura County Career Education Center in Camarillo, and transportation is provided for these courses.

Pathway Application

Students interested in joining a Career Pathway must complete and sign an application. Parent signatures are also requested. Click here for an application.

Pathway vs. Academy

SPHS Academies are four-year programs. SPHS offers a Human Services Academy and an Agriculture Academy. Students must apply and qualify to participate in an academy in the spring of the grade 8 school year. Academy students are grouped together in several of their core academic classes in addition to taking Academy-focused elective courses each year.
Pathways are a series of elective courses designed to prepare students for careers. Students complete an application to participate. Students must complete the Pathway grade 10 and 11 courses, and all pre-requisites, to enroll in the grade 12 Capstone class.

For More Information

For more information on our Career Pathways program. Please contact your child’s counselor or the individuals below if you have questions